How to Use a Homework Organizer Properly

When you are taking five, six, or seven classes each day, a homework organizer can be the key to your success in school. There are several different types of homework organizers that you can use, from small pocket-sized calendars to online apps. When you choose to use a homework organizer, it does not really matter what type you use. The most important part of a homework organizer is remembering to use it.

Remember to Use the Organizer at School

The first step to using any homework organizer is remembering to use it. This is why so many students prefer to use an organizer app on their smartphones. But, if your school does not allow phones in the classroom, then you will need another option. Small planners are useful tools that easily can fit in a binder or a backpack. The best way to remember to fill it in at the end of each class is to keep it in your backpack or binder and to place it at the top of your workspace at the beginning of each class. This way, you will see it and remember to fill it in during each class.

Remember to Check the Organizer at Home

The second step is remembering to look at it at home. If you are forgetful, you can always put a note on your refrigerator or in your room so you see it and remember to check the organizer. You will need to put the organizer back in your backpack once you have completed your work.

Use the Different Calendars to Stay Organized

After you have created the habit of writing in and checking your homework organizer, you need to learn how to use the organizer. Most organizers have monthly calendars, so you can fill in test dates and the dates of major projects as soon as your teachers tell you about them. You should also fill in the homework assignments for each day. Some people will write them on the actual day in the monthly calendar, but if you have a page for each day, write the assignments there instead. Using the page instead of the small boxes on the monthly calendar gives you room to write any notes that will help you complete your assignments.

Color Code to Stay Organized

Some students will color code their organizers. If you buy your notebooks and folders in separate colors for each class, you can highlight homework in the same colors so you remember to take the right color folders home at the end of the day.